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Cultural events

Official Commencement of Construction of ZESON Production and R&D Center

On March 9, the groundbreaking ceremony for ZESON production and R&D center construction project was held in the Xushuguan Economic Development Zone of Suzhou. The project integrates R&D, production, and office functions, with a total investment of over 240 million RMB, and is expected to have 17 production lines and be officially put into operation in June 2024. ZESON production and R&D center will take traditional Chinese medicine as its characteristic and focus on the development and production of oral care products. Through formula upgrades and technological innovation, it will achieve new technological breakthroughs in the functional efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, probiotics and other products.

FAMALL Unlimited Future Conference 2021

The FAMALL Unlimited Future Conference, attended by over 1,000 guests, was concluded in Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou on Apr. 18, 2021. In the meeting, future development direction of FAMALL was identified, favorable market policies published, high-tech anti-aging products launched and FAMALL outstanding employees commended. A grand appreciation dinner was held after the meeting.

Second Anniversary & Relocation Ceremony of FAMALL Network Technology Co., Ltd. in 2021

The Second Anniversary & Relocation Ceremony of FAMALL Network Technology Co., Ltd. was held at Huoli Plaza, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City on Oct. 13, 2021. FAMALL E-COMMERCE is striving to build itself into a global service provider for quality life and deliver best services to distributors and consumers for the vision of co-creation for sharing and co-existence for mutual winning, by creating innovative quality products to lead fashion and wellness trends, keeping improving business process, and optimizing resources.

Suzhou Sanjun Bioscience Technology Co., Ltd. opened grandly in 2021.

Suzhou Sanjun Bioscience Technology Co., Ltd. saw a grand opening in Wuzhong District, Suzhou City on Oct. 13, 2021. The founding of the Plant of Sanjun Bioscience, the only bioscience company in Wuzhong District, is in essence an upgrade in its business model, products, plant, supply chain, logistics, software and services, to serve the ultimate goal to empower its service centers. In this way, a range of one-stop services starting right from sourcing of materials to usage by consumers can be shaped.