Core business

Online business in Chinese Mainland

The online business of ZESON in Chinese Mainland is based on FAMALL E-COMMERCE, its own e-commerce platform. At present, more than 300 products are sold on such platform, where its own products accounting for over 60%. Amid fierce competition in e-commerce, FAMALL E-COMMERCE lays complete focus on products and users and has attracted, with advanced values and premium products, a base of loyal customers sharing FAMALL identity.

Service centers in Chinese Mainland

FAMALL has initiated a plan to increase penetration of its service centers since 2021.

A network of FAMALL service centers has been established with geological coverage in more than 300 areas in Chinese Mainland. FAMALL supports such centers with expertise and offers one-stop easy solutions to secure trust from service center owners and consumers with premium products and reliable services.

FAMALL will keep developing new markets and empowering its service centers in a comprehensive manner for the ultimate goal of wide coverage of service centers in the world and increased income of its owners.

International business

By now, ZESON's subsidiaries can be found in over 30 markets globally. Its particularly strong presence in East Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa has given rise to rampant growth in these countries and its products are received with wide acclamation there. Its international reputation is building in terms of products.

Smart logistics

Zeson has set up an intelligent warehousing and logistics center of 10000 + square meters in Xiangcheng District of Suzhou to realize the in-depth layout of the intelligent logistics industry chain. The center realizes the whole process visualization of warehouse operation through the background port of smart cloud warehouse Unicom warehouse management system. In the later stage, we will continue to optimize relevant service processes, introduce automatic sorting equipment and build an intelligent cloud warehouse.

Software development

Zongguan Hengxian, a software development affiliate of ZESON, is home to a pool of talents specialized in various fields including product design, development, test, operational maintenance and delivery and has an adequate capability of independent development. As the owner of a dozen of software patents, it has succeeded in development various e-commerce platforms, information management platforms and various apps and applets.


Founded in 2015, Sanjun Bioscience is an OEM/ODM under ZESON with R&D, production and planning functions. It is armed with GMPC-certified 300,000 class dust-free workshops, three R&D laboratories, professional R&D team and four well-established production lines, capable of delivering total solutions in functional skincare for brands in line with high standards and strict requirements.